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The Kia Optima reinforces Kia Motors’ “ecofriendly” appeal during the Sao Paulo Motor Show. The hybrid version of the best-selling brand, launched in the US market last February during the Chicago Show, brings unique enhancements, top-level features and options to increase comfort and value. The sedan of great success for the brand, with its elegant, spacious and refined style, debuted with current design in the front bumper, new elements in the grille and headlights and modern design on the wheels.The model disembarks in the country in the option of gasoline motorization of Cycle Otto, 2.0 liters, 16 valves and 4 cylinders in line capable of generating 150 hp of power at 6,000 rpm. The hybrid features of the model feature a sturdy 40 hp engine and a powerful 270-volt lithium polymer battery. The gas / electric combination results in an agile, enjoyable and economical driving experience. The EX version brings APE consumption of 15.3 km / l in the city, 17 km / l on the road, ie a combined average of 16.16 km / h.
The Optima Hybrid has a significant stake in the development history of Kia Motors’ advanced hybrid propulsion and the ecofriendly appeal of the brand. It is a unique model in the segment not only because it offers fuel economy and lower carbon emissions, but also because it features world-class design, robust performance and high-level personality, making it a very attractive hybrid offering. The design updates of the model were considered with goal in increasing the fuel efficiency. The new design of the front bumper of the Optima Hybrid contributes to increased airflow and reduced drag, also contributing to the new 17-inch, more aerodynamic alloy wheels.In addition to these elements designed with a focus on fuel efficiency, the Optima Hybrid 2014 also features a new differentiated front grille design, exclusive LED lighting, new hybrid logo and leather seats c4 corvette car cover. Technological improvements in the model were also inserted to welcome the driver and his occupants with all the amenities and sophistications of high technology. The Optima Hybrid 2014 is equipped with a variety of standard safety equipment such as. front, side and curtain airbags; four-wheel ABS, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Traction Control System (TCS) and Hill Start Assist Control (HAC).


Kia unveiled the Optima T-Hybrid Concept a few days before the public presentation at the Paris Motor Show. It is a hybrid diesel version that uses the already-known 1.7 CRDi turbodiesel engine that works in conjunction with an electric motor, which also works as a generator, powered by 48V capacity lead and carbon batteries. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, lead and carbon batteries do not require active cooling and are easier to recycle. The engine also has the ability to function as an electric compressor, which not only delivers 20% more power and torque, regardless of speed, but also helps reduce CO2 emissions by about 20%.The model is capable of operating in a 100% electric mode, powered by the electric motor at low speeds. In addition, when the car is cruising at cruising speeds, it is possible to recover that energy to charge the batteries. The Kia Optima T-Hybrid Concept is also equipped with the Start & Stop system and a new starter system replacing the conventional alternator, which allows, according to the Koreans, to start and leave almost without vibration or noise. Not having disclosed specifications of the propulsion system, Kia says however that it considers this T-Hybrid a test for new technologies. It is a project still under development and its production is not yet defined. Kia already produces an Optima gasoline hybrid.


The Kia Sorento 2014 remains virtually unchanged compared to the 2013 model. The engine is the 2.4-liter four-cylinder, with the most powerful version V6 of 3.3 liters is also available. The Steer Flex six-speed automatic transmission allows the driver to choose between three driving modes: normal, comfort and sport is available for both types of engines. The front wheel drive is standard being optional the all-wheel-drive version. Outside there was a small adjustment on the front grille and LED lights were included.The new Sorento has five seats with an optional third row of seats to accommodate seven passengers. The standard dashboard features a 7-inch LCD screen with speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and standard mileage information. As an option is offered 8 inch screen adding GPS, Bluetooth and Infiniti audio system. Still available in the new model are refrigerated front seats, sliding sunroofs and panoramic sunroof.

2014 – KIA SOUL EV

Kia Motors has confirmed the production of a new fully electric version of Kia Soul, slated to hit the market in the second half of 2014. Named Kia Soul EV, the model will be the brand’s first family-powered electric car, zero rating of emissions, marketed outside South Korea.”The new Kia Soul EV is the first of Kia Motors’ new” Clean Mobility “program designed to provide environmentally friendly transportation to brand customers around the world,” said Thomas Oh, Executive Vice President and COO, Kia Motors Corporation .”Despite being the first fully electric vehicle marketed by Kia Motors, Soul EV is the second model of the brand to incorporate this technology and will have all the benefits of our deep experience gained from the development of Kia Ray EV in the last three years, complete Thomas Oh.In addition to incorporating the bold and distinctive design of the second-generation Kia Soul, just released, the Soul EV battery is designed exclusively for everyday use. Suitable for motorists who rotate in the city and highway, the model will be equipped with high capacity battery, that is, 27 kWh of lithium-polymer. The Soul EV will have a range of 200 km with a single charge.The first units of the prototype Soul EV were built in differentiated versions when compared to the model 2014 of the Kia Soul and are fed an electric motor of 81,4 kW, producing a generous torque of 285 Nm of torque.Thanks to the torque available, the electric transmission system gives the Soul EV a fast acceleration, that is, it goes from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 12 seconds and its final speed was 145 km / h. To maximize efficiency and power, the Kia Soul EV features a regenerative locking system that recycles battery power when the vehicle is stationary or in the process of braking.Charging the battery can be done in any outlet with domestic electricity. The recharging time lasts up to five hours for a fully discharged battery using standard 240 V or 230 V.The absence of engine noise combined with special soundproofing materials will make the Kia Soul EV extremely quiet, contributing to exceptional refinement levels similar to premium vehicles. Due to its quieter operation, the Kia Soul EV will be equipped with a system called VESS (Virtual Engine Sound System), which emits an audible alert at speeds lower than 20 km / h.The prototype fleet of the new Kia Soul EV is undergoing intensive testing in Korea, Europe and North America. The model is based on the new Kia Soul 2014, version that brings significant improvements when compared to the first generation of the brand. Among the changes, highlights for longer axle (2.57 cm), 29% stiffer body and updated suspension, offering more comfort and refinement.The new Kia Soul EV will offer buyers an extra shine, with LED headlamps and lanterns, as well as 16-inch alloy wheels. Inside the cab, the electric model will be equipped with a large, integrated instrument panel and center console with an eight-inch screen. Like every eco-friendly vehicle, the Kia Soul EV will use a wide range of recycled materials, along with brand-new antibacterial materials and eco-friendly paint.

2019 – TROLLER T4

Troller introduced the 2019 T4 utility line, which comes to the market this month with connectivity and visual news. The model is the main attraction of the brand in the Salão de São Paulo 2018, bringing two new pearlescent colors – Tuscany red and Moscow gray – and an exclusive multimedia centerpiece JBL Harmann CP100, with capacitive screen of 6.5 inches touch.The new multimedia includes AM / FM radio, Bluetooth connection, voice commands, USB input and is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It has two line preamplifiers, an optional rear camera and can receive updates via USB.”It’s a device that adds functionality and sophistication to the Troller T4, increasing its versatility of use on both tracks and in the city,” says Rogério Maues, Troller’s marketing supervisor. The two new colors of the Troller 2019 complete the palette formed by solid red Arizona, white Diamond, black Mendoza and yellow Dakar; the metallic blue Maresias and silver Frost; and the green pearly Maragogi. This variety of modern and vibrant shades is one of the differentials that highlight the unique personality of the utility. The new Troller T4 2019 arrives at a price of R $ 133,706 with solid paint and R $ 134,546 with metallic or pearled paint.

All-terrain vehicle

The Troller T4 is an all-terrain vehicle, with unique attributes in the category. It has the best angles of entry and exit – 51 degrees – and also impresses by the angle of transposition of ramp of 30 degrees. It has the strength to surpass 45 degrees maximum slope and 40 degree lateral inclination, as well as to cross flooded areas up to 800 millimeters deep.This performance is due to the unique characteristics of the vehicle, starting with the special composite body, lightweight and fire resistant material, corrosion and impact. Its steel chassis with a rectangular closed profile conforms to the terrain and favors the contact of the wheels with the ground. The body has a tubular metal structure that surrounds the whole vehicle for the protection of the occupants.The Duratorq 3.2 Diesel five-cylinder engine, with 200 hp, features advanced high-pressure injection technology and variable geometry turbocharger. It delivers the maximum torque of 470 Nm in a wide swivel range, from 1,700 to 2,500 rpm, to face any terrain.The six-speed manual transmission has stepped gears to optimize economy and get the most out of engine torque. The electronic traction control lets you select three options by the button on the console: 4X2, 4X4 High and 4X4 Low, for different terrain conditions, focusing on economy or strength to overcome obstacles. The ‘shift on the fly’ selection system allows the activation of the 4×4 High mode at up to 120 km / h.The self-locking rear differential with Trac-Lock locking system has a perfect integration with 4×4 traction. It can partially work by transferring torque to the wheel with greater grip on difficult terrain, and also compensates for variations in the ground.The four-wheel disc brake with ABS and electronic brake distribution (EBD), recognizes the type of floor to ensure efficiency and control in the stops. Mixed-use tires offer a balanced use condition for both on-road and off-road running.

Well equipped

The Troller T4 2019 has 17-inch aluminum wheels and 265/65 R 17 mixed-use tires (70% on-road, 30% off-road). It also comes as standard with double sunroof, rear aerofoil, luggage compartment with adjustable cross bars, integrated side stirrups, fog lights, electric mirrors, bumper with removable tips, integrated frontal protector, location for winch installation and anchorage of ‘shackle’. In the cabin, it has on-board computer with seven functions and dual-zone digital automatic    air-conditioning. Ergonomic, vinyl-coated seats make cleaning easier, as does the interior with a water-washable drain.The Troller T4 also has a line of more than 100 original accessories for those who want to enhance and customize the model. Items such as snorkel, winch, steel bumper, mud tires, steel stirrups and luggage rack and various protectors – from crankcase, gearbox, transfer box, fuel tank and front, intermediate and rear exhaust – for off-road routes more radical.

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